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Creative Producer

DEI Creative is looking for a Creative Producer to join our team in our Capitol Hill studio.  

What is a “Creative Producer” exactly, you ask? We like to say that it’s a few jobs rolled into one — a project/client manager (~50%), an art director + creative strategist (~25%), and a web UX architect (~25%). It’s an interesting, challenging, and rewarding role that requires a left-brain/right-brain thinker who’s fast on their feet — and above all, someone who loves creating thoughtful, innovative brands and communication tools for a wide range of clients and products. In this role, you’d be leading the project throughout its entire lifecycle, interfacing with clients, designers, and developers in the process.

A unicorn? Perhaps, but we’ve been lucky in the past — so we’re once again looking for this magical beast. Perhaps it’s you!

The Nitty-Gritty
— We’re looking for a person who is…


  • You’re strong at conceptualizing work beyond its tactical details. You can contribute on a strategic and/or copywriting level to projects in a way that complements the design work!
  • You can gracefully trade off creative activities with designers when needed — strategy, meetings, high-level direction. You won’t be pigeonholed into only “project admin” work in this role — instead, you’ll regularly be working as a creative brain in your own right.
  • Portfolio preferred. We’d love to see how you think about brand, how you solve problems, and how your work responds to contextual/conceptual inputs.


  • You’re detail-oriented, a good writer, and great at strategizing in-the-moment at meetings.
  • You’re excellent at giving feedback — the why, not just the what. You know how to do this diplomatically, but you also know the value of asking questions and pushing back (in that order).
  • You can untangle complex client needs and feedback, and translate that information into actionable and inspiring guidance for our team.
  • You know which questions to ask, and how to organize information once it’s received.


  • You’re a high-EQ person who cares about the emotions of others; you understand that managing projects, clients, designers, and the team as a whole requires individual intuition and emotional attentiveness. Decisions and successes come from being attuned to the tone of our interactions. For you, this concern relates to both professional outcomes and interpersonal unity.
  • You’re someone with a sense of humor, and your own camel-like reserves of personal resiliency. Sure, sometimes we deal with disappointments, but we need someone with the inner resources to be self-buoying (and to inspire others, when needed).
  • You anticipate the needs of others (designers, developers, clients). You’re anxious to make everyone’s day better, and you actively seek out ways to do so.
  • You’re compassionate to team members and to clients. You treat everyone as a human being first, and understand that trust is our most important currency.


  • You’re experienced: 2-3 years minimum, ideally at another agency. You’re conversational in Adobe Creative Suite, and view technology as a tool for ideas, rather than as an impediment to them.
  • You’re digitally-savvy: While we do lots of brand and print work, web is a sizeable portion of our project base. You can fluently read/write site architectures, make wireframes, understand how digital features are scoped/planned, and you can communicate complex technical concepts to non-technical audiences. No coding required, but we’re hoping that you and our developers will fit together like peanut butter and jelly — working closely together throughout web projects big and small.
  • You’ve got good judgement — including the good judgement to know when to ask for help!
  • You work independently, while simultaneously remaining aware of how your own actions affect others in our ecosystem.
  • You’re responsible. We know that when we pass the baton, you have it covered. We can rely on you.
  • You’re comfortable with being the point person for almost anything, at any point in the project lifecycle.


  • You can simultaneously serve the needs of clients, coworkers, the work itself, and the agency as a whole — and you can navigate the waters when these needs might not immediately be aligned.
  • You’re fundamentally curious about other people’s lives, so you can find a spark of interest in almost any client or project.
  • You understand that while having a process is important, so is being flexible — including being able to creatively deviate from process in order to best serve a given client/project.
  • You’ve got a balance of left- and right-brain — and the ability to switch between them rapidly.
  • You’re willing to help with anything. You’re willing to learn. When you don’t understand something, it’s not a barrier or a vulnerability, but an opportunity to grow.


  • You’re humble enough to be a “project janitor” when needed. (It happens to the best of us.)
  • You’re always open to input and feedback; and so your own judgment isn’t the end-all-be-all of your self-perception.
  • You’re non-status-seeking: Understanding that respect is earned through kindness and good work.


  • You’re a leader who can take charge of a meeting, an interaction, or a difficult project situation with confidence and presence.
  • You can handle new business of different types, with different clients — all while exemplifying our unique creative strengths and culture of kindness.
  • You’re someone who we know can represent DEI solo with grace, tact and smarts.

Does this sound like you?
If so, please send a resume, cover letter, and portfolio (or case studies) to jobs@deicreative.com with a subject line that grabs our attention. We’re looking forward to it!