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Let us introduce you to the best-kept secret in smart parenting… started by a mom with some serious entrepreneurial chops. Named for the happy “plink!” sound a marble makes when it lands in a child’s jar, Plinkit is all about making the feel-good connection between learning and doing. With content written by expert preschool teachers, Plinkit focuses on the science of children’s learning processes — but also on the practicalities of turning this knowledge into more joyful + productive activities for the whole family. Digging deep on parenting without sacrificing your fundamental sense of fun? This is the place for you. We built the Plinkit brand from the ground up, starting with the logo and fleshing out the brand through the website + digital collateral. Building an aesthetic that mirrors the cheerful and clever editorial voice of the site, we were sure to also nestle in some fun — like twinkling sprites and bouncing marbles — for moments of delight. After all, what fun is learning if you can’t play too? →


  • Branding
  • Illustration
  • UX + UI
  • Web Design + Development

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