DEI Creative

Hi, we’re a team of 10 senior-level creatives.

We’re small by design, and large in experience – carefully crafted over the years to the group you see today (dogs included).

Happy Dogs & Humans

Principal + Creative Director

Sara founded DEI Creative over 20 years ago. A degree in design, a knack for creating, and years of coloring outside the lines fueled her desire to start this studio. Her passion for design and creativity are only rivaled by her cheerful spirit and love of laughter. Sara values the relationships that have built DEI, allowing it to grow from one to the amazing team you see today! When not creating magic at DEI, Sara seeks adventure alongside her sweet family at the beach, in the mountains, or anywhere in between.

Senior Designer

Light could draw before she could walk or speak. She grew up in the woods and moved to the big city to receive her BFA at Cornish College of the Arts. Today, in addition to developing brands, creating top notch designs and intriguing visuals, she enjoys time with her family, walks on the sunny side of the street, daydreams of faraway places, arranging her surroundings in creative ways, and watching time fly. Light is a designer, painter, photographer, comedian, and animal lover. She looks for the humor in all things and enjoys spontaneous flights of fancy.

Senior Designer / Director

Noah, like the Gum Wall or an unusually-friendly Sasquatch, is a Northwest original — and he’s got the flannel-wearing fan club to prove it. Since graduating from Cornish College of the Arts in 2004, he’s been our hero of branding, print, and web — in addition to being a save-button stoic (every four minutes, minimum) and a pop culture king (ask him about our mysterious US Weekly subscription). When he’s not in the office, Noah is the fearless Dad of two animated twin boys. One day, he hopes to retire in a treehouse… but only if it’s got wi-fi and a good happy-hour.

Creative Director

Shannon is a Seattle native with a degree in philosophy from UW (and minors in art, film,  and history).    She quickly found her place in the design world after college, and has since honed her skillset to what is today, including (but definitely not limited to) brand strategy, creative direction, & website  planning.   She is a core component of keeping things real at DEI.

Senior Designer / photographer

Raised in Bellingham, Maddy is a northwest girl at heart. She moved to Seattle to pursue an education in Visual Communication Design at UW, fell in love with the city, and never left. After school she took off traveling, and has been dreaming of living out of a backpack ever since. She finds inspiration from all eras, with a love of flea markets, vintage typography, and vinyl. Maddy specializes in print, branding and web design, always looking for a way to push the design-limits, and inspire new ideas.  When she’s not in the office you can find her in the woods, with a camera  in one hand, and a Rainier in the other.

SENIOR Developer

Hello world! Andrew is a Wisconsin native who is self-taught in all aspects of web development and web design. When Andrew is not typing up magical coding languages, he absolutely loves hanging out with his wife, daughter, and dog. When the girls are off doing girly things, Andrew enjoys being outside with  his dog or playing a round of golf.

Senior Strategist

A child of Massachusetts, Kate was raised on a diet of  Dunkin’ Donuts coffee and Yankee stoicism. Yet, every night as the wind blew  hard o’er the salty Pilgrim graves, young Kate dreamed that—somewhere—there had to be a place where it didn’t snow. After graduating with a BFA from Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Kate made her dream a reality by buying a one-way ticket to Seattle, showing up with two suitcases and an inflatable mattress. It’s been true love ever since. After some merry years working in brewery branding, Kate joined the DEI team, bringing a project manager’s obsessions and a hedonist’s happy crackle.

Web Developer

Hailing from the Buckeye State, Brett brings a hearty mix of web development and design skills to the DEI team. He’s a well-rounded developer, with an eye for design, a mind for development, and a stomach for pizza. He is a problem solver, continually honing every step of his process. Fun Fact: He once saw Mike Tyson at an airport.

Senior Designer

Raised in DC, polished in South Carolina, liberated in San Francisco, and now rooted in Seattle, Amy thrives  on weaving variant threads into a meticulous cloth. Fittingly, her passion for design started as a child with a sewing machine and Nintendo’s Mario Paint. After art school (and upgrading to her trusty Wacom tablet), she spent years at various agencies, enthusiastically solving as many different challenges as she could get her eyes and brain on. Now at DEI, she continues to happily inhabit the space between ideas and people. Outside the office, she enjoys French new wave and French fries, traveling alongside her husband, snuggling her two puggles, and curating her chair collection.

Creative Producer

Justin is an enthusiastic wearer of many hats (both literally and figuratively). With a background in video production, social media strategy and nonprofit marketing, he has spearheaded communications efforts for a number of Seattle-area organizations and brands since migrating to the PNW from New England more than a decade ago. One day, Justin hopes to convince his wife and two young sons to start a family band. For now, he generally spends the weekends battling blackberries in his backyard or puttering around Puget Sound in his rusting 1980s motorboat, The Moldy Goldfish.


A native from the land of deep dish pizza, blues and Michael Jordan, Pam hails from the Chicago area bringing a background ranging from elementary teacher, to sports marketing to property management to accounting. She has a BA from Valparaiso University and her MBA from the University of Notre Dame. Even though her Midwest roots run deep, the Pacific Northwest is definitely home. She has been the queen of the calculator with DEI for over 10 years making sure all beans have been counted and the cash is flowing. When she is not relating to numbers, she can be found attending her kids sporting events and traveling with her family, exploring exciting and new places.

Forever Young

Milo Bear was the original DEI dog, paving the way for future furry friends.  As a puppy, he’d carry Sara’s lunch on their walk to work each day before  taking up his post of greeting visitors.  He was a fixture in the office for almost 14 years and his presence is still greatly missed.


Moe is the office greeter, with a constant  smile and an affinity for walking through peoples’ legs. Give him your banana and you’ll be lifelong friends.